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About Us

Inter Quality is a company founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2014, with the mission to bring clear information for quick and safe decisions to hospital market. We offer preventive and corrective maintenance contract after the warranty period.


Offering proven products and services that improve patient care Inter Quality, through its principals, we are united in our vision to improve safety and reduce the cost of health care for future generations.


For us and a pleasure to hear from you. Contact us by phone:

PHONE: 55 (21) 2467-4043 


Respirator or ventilator is the micro electronic equipment processed whose function is blowing gases in the lungs and enabling its cyclically output to provide ventilatory support to the respiratory system. It replaces the function of the lung for gas exchange, and ventilatory support equipment that manages air flow and oxygen with a pressure and volume control, replacing or assisting the function of the diaphragm and accessory muscles of spontaneous breathing, reversing or minimizing muscle fatigue . His invention made possible the birth of Intensive Care Units enabling treatment of patients with severe, with respiratory failure from any cause as pulmonary diseases (DPOC, pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, etc.) or extrapulmonary (shock, stop cardio-respiratory, etc.). It can be adapted to the patients via a tracheal stent (tube in the trachea) or by special masks covering the nose or nose and mouth (method called non-invasive ventilation).

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Defibrillation is the application of an electric current in a patient through a defibrillator, an electronic device whose function is to reverse a headset or ventricular fibrillation. The reversal or cardioversion occurs by applying electrical shocks to the patient, graded according to need. Electric shocks are usually applied directly or through electrodes (metal plates, or conductive appliques that vary in size and area as needed) placed in the chest wall.

If you need information about a vital signs monitor for your medical institution, there are some basic things to know. A vital signs monitor checks pulse, blood oxygenation and blood pressure in a single device please contact us.

Authorized representation

Inter Quality and an authorized representative of companies MTB TecnologiaProLife and Intermed is belonging to the group CareFusion.